Fenty beauty foundation review ♡ (pale skin, shade 100)

Ok so as soon as I saw this online I had to try it! The massive shade range is fantastic, and the amount of undertones too! I was so happy to see the whole range is cruelty free and the foundation is vegan! Vegan list can be found on the FAQ section of the fenty beauty website.

I got mine from Harvey Nichols online and with shipping it cost £32, so deffo not a cheap foundation.

I got the palest neutral, 100.

Love the packaging, and I’m glad it’s not a tiny amount of product!

I applied it with the real techniques sponge, these pics are after two layers ^

These pics are after adding highlighter, bronzer and concealer.

So, pros:

  • The colour was perfect for me, especially for my winter skin. It’s amazing finding a foundation that isn’t super pink or super yellow!
  • It doesn’t take too much product to get medium coverage. I don’t like full coverage so was happy with this coverage personally, to get this coverage it took 4 pumps for the whole face.
  • It looks good in photos!
  • I can imagine it being long wearing. I wore it for three hours but took it off after I wiped my mascara everywhere cause I forgot I was wearing makeup, doh
  • It doesn’t transfer!


  • When I put concealer under my eyes it went a bit strange as the foundation is quite dry, so would be best to put it on before the foundation!
  • It’s quite drying, so I wouldn’t suggest getting this if you have super dry skin, but it may work with a super moisturising primer.
  • It wasn’t fantastic at building as it dries quite quick so if you want full coverage you’d have to work quite quick I think!

Those are all of the main points. Remember I have dry-normal skin with very red cheeks, so how it works on me may not be the same for everyone!

Overall I really like it, especially for photos as it looks great, and I love the colour too, will be so perfect in the winter!

Also it’s very expensive, I was happy with the price because I’m so happy with the colour of it, I’ve only got 2 other foundations that are the right colour and one isn’t very long lasting and one is super drying!

Overall 7.5/10 ♡

***had to shout out these products though, Barry M afterglow bronzer and the Balm Mary Lou manizer. That glow! Also the VE cosmetics awkward rose lipstick.***